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    Over 100K
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    I will tell you that later
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    Hey there! I'm Ryan. I'm the type of guy who is quiet at first so I tend to get overlooked a lot. But I do my best to be outgoing and once I'm comfortable, I'll sing your ears off and dance down the street embarrassing you. I give my all in a relationship and am kinda cheesy 😛 I'm the type to surprise you with a Disneyland trip, walk between you and the street(as if that's ACTUALLY gonna protect you from a car lol), hold the door open for you and buy you random corny gifts. Just looking for someone serious to hopefully settle down with. Feel free to message me, I'm pretty friendly. Can't wait to hear from you ^,^
    Big animal lover, I've got a white shephard/husky mix and a 40 gallon fresh water tank. theres just something peaceful watching fish swim
    2 secluded off-road areas near me that allow me to escape society and stare at the stars
    My jeep, my family, my church, video games
    Off-roading, Hiking, Adventures, but if I can't get out then video games and watch movies
    Not a huge reader, though I wish I was. the last book I read was the book of James and I'm currently going through Matthew
    I am an Aircraft Mechanic building jets basically from scratch
    a lot of white cultures and a little Native American 😛
    I am Nondenominational. Basically think Baptist but without the church rules.
    I am Nondenominational. Basically think Baptist but without the church rules.
    my Education consists of aircraft fabrication and some ASL. Trying to get back into school at the moment for my STEM degree
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