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    Body Builder
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    430 Friendly
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    I'm a Drunk
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    Home Maker
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    I will tell you that later
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    Here's a little something about me. Enjoy!!

    I'm a social butterfly; I'm unafraid to jump into different groups of people, and engage in conversations with everyone. I try to find something with every person that is relatable and interesting. I love to carry on conversations with people for hours, and try to find new things to talk about.

    I graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Political Science, primarily studying international relations. History/social studies classes in high school always interested me, and I loved every major class in college. My dream is to one day work for Homeland Security, in hopes of combating terrorism. Right now, I am working as the Chief Pharmacy Technician in a small town apothecary. I find it rewarding in helping individuals on a daily basis, and knowing everyone in such a tiny community is incredibly gratifying.

    Music has always been apart of my life. I use to play violin, the french horn, and I sang throughout middle and high school. Now a days, you can see me at numerous concerts throughout the year. From attending orchestras playing famous music from movies, to crowd surfing to Red Hot Chili Peppers during Rock on the Range, I find to have so many good memories from every event I attend. I love singing to my favorite song blasting on the radio, with the windows down, and I'd like to find someone to sing with me!

    Growing up, I've always had a gaming system of some sorts to play. Starting with my Sega Genesis and Dreamcast, and currently on my Playstation 4, video games have always been my way of relaxing and having fun on a chill day. I love collecting memorabilia relating to my favorite games and proudly display it for everyone to see! If I'm not out on the town at my favorite bar or exploring the city, I'm at home playing a game. I'm ready to find my Player 2!

    My health is important to me, and being physically fit is equally essential. I have ran a handful of 5Ks (even though I'm not the quickest!) and I constantly run in hopes of participating in a half marathon one day. Having a partner that supports my active lifestyle is imperative, and is willing to cheer me on while crossing the finish line!

    I'm always looking for a new hobby or adventure. From wine tastings, picture taking, crafting projects, and gardening, there's anyways something to do. I'm looking for a serious and committed relationship with a fun and loving man. Can't wait to hear from you!
    I have one 17 year old cat. Seriously, the cat will probably outlive me. She's in one my pictures!
    I love 16-Bit Bar+Arcade. You can usually find me there every other weekend or so with a Jack and Coke in hand playing Frogger!
    Favorite movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Avengers, Anchorman, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction.
    Favorite TV Shows: House, Man in the High Castle.
    Favorite Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + The Machine, Coldplay, Stone Temple Pilots.
    Pharmacy Technician
    I never had any strong religious or nonreligious upbringings. If religion is important in your life, I'm all for it!
    I never had any strong religious or nonreligious upbringings. If religion is important in your life, I'm all for it!
    Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations
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