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    Over 100K
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    Extra Pounds
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    Full Time
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    High School
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    I will tell you that later
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    I grew up outside Aiken SC and live near North Augusta now. I lived in a two story house my dad built and spent many summers playing outside. I'm 9 nine classes away from an Associates degree in Arts and close to applying for a pharmacy tech program. I work part time as a deli associate at Bi Lo for now until my education is finished. I love my job and enjoy working with my coworkers. My passion is music! It moves me, it leads me, it is a part of me. Metal is my muse and western is my lover. My hobbies are fishing and hiking, yoga, video games and cards, dungeons and dragons, jamming to music, and wine and cheese time.
    My younger brother and I are best friends, we show each other bands and encourage each other on our schooling. I have a cat named Virginia who was a rescue. She is a ditz and I love her.
    I am transgender and conservative leaning, I have a car and a place with my brother.
    I'm looking for a man who shares some of my interests and has some that I can learn about. One who is a Christian and has a career and a car, along with a place, alone or with roommates.
    On the weekends I work closing shifts normally so I don't get to do much.
    I love Volbeat, Avatar, Powerwolf, Sirenia, Sabaton, Ghost, Hollywood Undead, Marty Robbins, and so much more. If I could suggest a song, it would be "The Last Stand" by Sabaton.
    My cat Virginia is a Russian Blue and a complete ditz. But I love her and she tolerates me. She is a rescue and likes to complain about her food and loves to lay on my bed.
    I make enough to survive right now with college so I guess Boyd Pond and Hopeland Gardens. Sometimes I work out at O Dell. Catch me at a Starbucks sometime.
    I love music and can't get enough of it. Fishing of course, and a bottle of wine and some fancy cheese.
    I play video games and listen to metal! Im really into Powerwolf, Avatar, Ghost, Sirenia, Arch Enemy and Sabaton. I love Tomb Raider, Fallout, Total War, and Edler Scrolls games
    I like to hike and fish in autumn and winter. I have my own tackle box everything.
    The Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft
    I work as a deli associate so I slice meat and make meals for people. I enjoy my job. It's simple and my co-workers are so awesome.
    Im white lol
    I'm a Christian and believe that the truth of God is in the freedom of choice and the acceptance and love of the differences between us.
    I'm a Christian and believe that the truth of God is in the freedom of choice and the acceptance and love of the differences between us.
    I graduated high school with honors and am trying to get into a pharmacy program.
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