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    Not Stated
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    I will tell you that later
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    Trying this out because it's hard to meet people these days because of how busy I am working and being a parent. I'm a very smart, educated, and kind hearted person that lives a healthy lifestyle. I also like to enjoy a night out on the town with friends when I can. I'm a very family oriented individual, always there for the ones that I care about. On another note, I'm pretty humorous! I'm always referencing Chappelle Show quotes so a sense of humor is a given. Always down for a hike, coffee or wine! Looking to date someone compatible.
    I actually do not have pets, but I love dogs and horses. Having a dog is more realistic haha, but I would love to own a horse someday. Always wanted one since I was a little girl.
    Powelle Butte, any Dutch Bros, the Gorge, Lucky House, any Chick-Fil-A (haha)
    Chocolate cake
    my Asics
    a MR Steak
    yoga pants
    I stay pretty active on my free time. I hike a lot, hang out with friends or take my daughter to do something fun.
    "Horses for Dummies" haha. I've been wanting to start the Harry Potter series... yes I know I'm very late.
    Working in Fine Dining until I become a Esthetician.
    I believe I have Irish, German and a little Native American. Mostly Caucasian.
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