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    430 Friendly
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    Full Time
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    I will tell you that later
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    I value intelligence and the ability to see the bigger picture. I am generally an introvert, but with the right friends/partner I desire to go out and do things. The more we chat before meeting, the more I will open up as myself the first time we meet. I like to keep the atmosphere positive, even if it means I need to make cheesy references or jokes to maintain it; my goobery personality tends to keep the mood up. My music taste is eclectic, as I listen to everything from progressive metal to EDM, and even the occasional guilty pleasure of Kpop. I don't have the opportunity to go out camping very often, but I really love doing it when possible. I love teasing, but at the end of the day I will never use a true insult towards you. My primary hobby is gaming, and I really hope to find someone who can share my passion. Being able to handle constructive criticism is an absolute must in my life for both partners. I do not get insulted easily, and will always ask for clarification if told something that can be misconstrued. I believe all friendships and relationships should be the kind where you can pay for one another and not nickle-and-dime the payback. Relationships make you part of a team, and the team will only succeed if it works together.

    I want a woman who can share my values, and accept any faults as I would hers. She should be accepting of my friends as I should hers. A woman who can understand that we both should be doing favors for each other all the time, and not just one person only, is already looking good in my book. I want a dorky smile that will beam towards me whenever she is happy. Communication is essential, and I want a girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind to me regardless of it being desires, confessions, or constructive criticisms. A true partner for me will be able to bring out the best in me as much as I do for her.
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