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    Well, I'm a pretty nice guy, and a top notch friend. I've got a quirky sense of humor, and I love to laugh and make folks laugh. I'm serious only when the matter at hand is. I'm a deep thinker, and love to pick at the brain, and have mine picked as well. I'm unique, but not too unique. Ha. I'm a caring fellow, and try to always be there when I am needed. I'm looking for someone different, and who shares a few good things in common. I'm using this to see if that different type of person is out there. I need someone who can laugh, and doesn't get easily depressed. Someone who enjoys being outside, and long conversation. If you're wondering why some of my photos look like they came out of a movie, well, they did. Ha. Acting and film are hobbies of mine, and I love doing. Recently, I auditioned for MTV's The Real World as a joke, and ended up landing an on camera interview. It was pretty cool. I'm really into music, although I've yet to learn any instruments, I hope too. I listen to a wide variety and love showing off my favorites. As far as career goes, I am starting college in the fall and plan to study journalism. If anything at all, I would at least like to use this to meet new people.
    I love going to the lake. It's beautiful and I have a great time on the water. Local parks, and any nice outdoor spots. I also like to go to Atlanta and cruise the city from time to time as well.
    I love music. It's my largest addiction. I really enjoy Indie, Folk, Electronic, and Bluegrass. Odd combo I know, but I'm not the average fellow. I don't watch much TV, but I do love The Office, Family Guy, and South Park.
    On my free time I enjoy being with friends as much as possible. I love nature, so anything involving fresh air sounds good. I love art and history, so a museum or two I like as well. Above all though, I enjoy conversation.
    An old Time magazine. I enjoy reading, but never can decide on what I want to read.
    I am a Christian, but I am much more open minded than your average church goer.
    I am a Christian, but I am much more open minded than your average church goer.
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