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    I will tell you that later
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    Minnesota born and raised, but have been in Columbus for 2 years and love it. I like to be silly and have fun, I hope my partner would eventually become a best friend I can be totally myself around. I'm a big proponent of growth, I don't believe we ever stop growing or should want to stop growing.

    I work full time as a nanny and boxing coach, and love both jobs. In my spare time, I like to stay active with boxing, hiking, yoga, or weight lifting. I value taking care of my health and body. (That being said, I also enjoy pizza and ice cream from time to time!)

    I'm looking for someone to grow with and beside, and who will enjoy sharing life's adventures with me. Someone to laugh with and have fun with, but who is also past the stage in their life where they play games and aren't entirely sure what they're looking for. I do want to have kids, but not for a few years.
    I have a sassy cat named Annabelle.
    Coffee, breakfast food, anything maple flavored, boxing, hiking, the office, third rock from the sun, cats, snow, the night sky, Christmastime
    Laughing, being silly, boxing, hiking, yoga, weight lifting, watching netflix, drinking coffee, cuddling
    I have a bachelor's degree in psychology
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