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    I'm a bit of a homebody but I do enjoy getting dressed up and going out dancing sometimes. I am not a very big drinker, never have been. I'm normally slow at warming up to people but believe that it's worth a little bit of patience. I don't go to the gym but I do enjoy being active, things like tennis, rock climbing, hiking. I can be lazy but really would like to find someone who likes to try new things.
    I don't have any pets but I love dogs, I've even had 2 pet rats (they aren't as ugly as they sound).
    I have been going to Climb Nulu (though i havent been in awhile), I enjoy the Highlands. I like going to the arcade, playing putt putt, lazer tag and other things im probably forgetting right now.
    I enjoy dancing, going to the movies and trying new things. I also enjoy going out to eat, i'm a bit of a foodie.
    For fun I like to go to the rock gym, going to the movie theater and having dinner with friends. Something I would like to do but havent gotten to do is to watch glass blowing.
    P.C Cast Divine By Mistake
    I work in a warehouse that gives me a school accomodation schedule so i can go to school full time.
    I am currently in school for the paralegal program at Sullivan University.
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