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    Short Term
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    Not Stated
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    Body Builder
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    Not Stated
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  • Education:
    High School
  • My Match:
    I will tell you that later
  • About Me:

    Hi, my name is Aaron and my friends call me AJ. I'm looking for someone that can show me that spark about them. I really like educated women and I love it when I can hold a good conversation with someone about a topic and the other person knows what they are talking about. I love meeting new people and I am always willing to just relax and have a good time. I'm also always looking for someone who can get me to try new things; I'm willing to try pretty much anything as long as I can try it with someone. I am very accepting of other people and their beliefs and I try to think of things objectively. I also like to think I am pretty patient with people; I am a high school math teacher so there's that.

    My ideal date would probably be a nice quiet dinner out or maybe even making dinner together, if we eat at the beaches maybe talk a nice romantic walk along the shore after. I'm into the aesthetics of my experiences. I'm also a cuddler; kind of a big teddy bear. I like hugs. Period. When you have a job as stressful as teaching, sometimes you just need a good hug.

    I'm looking for a woman who wants a relationship and is willing to accept me for who I am. My faith is important to me so if you can't accept that don't bother with me.

    A little more on the casual end; point-blank, I'm a gamer. More on the MMORPG end like Final Fantasy or the Legend of Heroes Kiseki series. I do sometimes play DOTA 2 but that's just casual. I'm also a major foodie and will sometimes even try some of the recipes that I get off of the food network channel. It's how I learned how to make potato dough.

    Usually, I just like to relax quietly at home. If I'm having a bad day I'll go over to my parent's house in the afternoon and cuddle up with their 2 dogs or I'll wait until my Mom gets home and have a glass of wine or a Mike's and just chat about stuff. You should hear some of the stories I have from my 5 years of teaching!
    My parents have 2 dogs; a 2 year old mix between a pure-bred jack russel and a pure-bred chihuahua (she really affectionate), and the last one is my dad's basset hound (she's a dork). I love seeing them when I visit my folks after work occasionally.
    Olive Garden, Dave and Busters, home with my parents for a nice dinner occasionally, Metro Diner, M Shack, St. Johns town center
    I really like watching NCIS and the original Law and Order, thought it's too bad it got cancelled.
    Bowling, playing with my dogs, surfing the net, hanging out with my friends, watching the Patriots stomp everyone during football season, video games, netflix, etc.
    The Tempest Tales
    I'm currently a high school teacher at my local high school.
    If you don't feel comfortable talking about faith, that's fine. I'm not one of those crazy hyper-evangelists. I just ground my good morals in my faith.
    If you don't feel comfortable talking about faith, that's fine. I'm not one of those crazy hyper-evangelists. I just ground my good morals in my faith.
    I attended the University of North Florida for 5 years and earned a BAE in Secondary Mathematics Education.
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