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    Fun, nerdy mix who enjoys intellectual conversation and owns one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes. Triathlete who's as slow as molasses but keeps trying anyways. I'm getting ordained for ministry and super interested in psychology. Working towards getting a masters in Clinical Psychology.

    I work with children who have autism and spend much of my time volunteering with at risk youth. I'm creative and artistic, and have a slew of different mediums/crafts I've used over the years ex. charcoal, colored pencil, pyrography, knitting, sewing, etc.

    Favorite Book: The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene.

    Favorite Place: Anywhere with mountains (Still mystified at how flat Indiana is)

    Like said, I am getting ordained as a deacon (not a priest) in the Anglican Church of North America. Partner doesn't need to be Anglican as well, but needs to be mature in his Christian faith. I moved from Georgia to Indiana to be a domestic missionary at my current church.
    Nerdy intellectual conversation, playing board games with friends, reading about psychology/counseling. Playing games with children. Hiking in the mountains and good coffee.
    I read up on developmental psychology for fun, along with pranking kids with my inflatable dinosaur costume. I cherish hiking in the woods and chat theology with friends. Board game nights are my favorite (strategy games especially).
    Psychology textbooks (yes, I am that nerdy. I actually miss school).
    I work with children who have autism. I do Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy as a Behavioral Technician/Therapist. It's a mix of science, slime, precise data, chaos, bubbles, laughter and tantrums.

    Got tantrums? I can help!
    Born and raised in the land of biscuits and gravy (aka Atlanta, GA).
    Majored in Pastoral Ministry, minored in Biblical Studies.
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