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Getting Your Game On

How to Flirt

There is an art to the flirt, a dance, a rhythm. You
don’t want to come across as too coy or too trashy,
or too submissive or too abrasive. You want to
dance along the center in a controlled yet
effervescent manner that makes you look sexy and
makes him feel sexy. If you know how to work your
“magic,” you can reel in almost any guy in mere
minutes. But it’s a juggling act, one that combines
the eyes, body, lips, voice, and words. It’s also an
individualized act, playing to your personal
strengths and shading your weaknesses. Flirting
well takes practice, but more than anything, it takes
confidence—true or faked. Either one, honestly, is fine.

Even if your faking at first, once you get the hang of it

you’ll be a natural.

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