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    I will tell you that later
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    6th grade ELA-R Teaching assistant at Irving ISD. A goofball at heart. ENTJ. 5'10". More handsome in person. I am looking a meaningful connection with someone who wants to the world a better like I someday hope to.
    I love the poetry of Walt Whitman. I love teaching(ELA-R) and curriculum design. I love watching tv; my favorite shows include; Star Trek: the Next Generation, The X-files, Parks and Rec, and Game of Thrones.
    I like to draw, read, write, cook, visit museums, explore botanical gardens, and work on my lesson plans. I am always down for a visit to the bar, but for the most part I like to stay in and prep for tomorrow or the upcoming week.
    The last few books I've read are; The circuit by Francisco Jimenez (for my ELA-R class), Cane by Jean Toomer, Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, and several books on teaching.
    I am 6th grade ELA-R and ESL Teaching Assistant for Irving school district who is also currently pursuing a degree in English education. I hope to be a full time teacher by this time next year.
    I am Caucasian. Nowegian, Dutch, German, and Swedish mostly. I identify, first and foremost, as a teacher! I champion and celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of my students and try make myself as knowledgeable as possible to their backgrounds.
    I am currently in the last year pursuing a degree in English and ESL education at the University of North Texas. I have an associates of applied science degree in child development.
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