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    Intimate Encounter
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    Not Stated
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    Not Stated
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    High School
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    I will tell you that later
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    I am a pretty chill guy who likes to spend time at home relaxing with a book or some video games. AT the same time, I like to get out when I can and see the world. From hiking to taking a trip to the beach to playing some volleyball or tennis, experiencing life is a must.
    I want to experience life with someone who appreciates me and enjoys my company. I am very dedicated to friends and family and plan to lead a successful, happy life with those around me.
    I had a very unique childhood that has caused me to have traits from across the board. It has made me quirky, down-to-earth, and highly adaptive. I'm insecure in many situations yet incredibly confident in others. I am rarely highly opinionated and tend to go with the flow, but when I care about something strongly I will defend it to the last. Yet I am perfectly capable of admitting I'm wrong if I am. Yeah, its definitely a spread.
    I'm looking for someone who appreciates me and wants to be with me. Who is committed to the relationship and willing to be honest and work with me on any problems. Preferably someone who tries to enjoy all aspects of life, like I do. Even I struggle with this sometimes so I'm more than willing to work on it with you.
    Feel free to message me if you understood what I have said and want to know more. Committed to a healthy relationship and just want someone to share your life with. Not expecting a huge commitment from the start though, just have the idea somewhere in your heart.
    Eragon, Golden Compass, Dragons.
    Fight Club,Matrix, Phantom of the Opera,Anchorman Superman movies,Star Trek, Disney Movies.
    I like almost every type of music. Prefer pop and classical I guess.
    Most TV shows, mostly spy/detective shows, some anime
    Relax at home or with some friends, play some sports/exercise, go exploring/hiking, go out or celebrate with friends, beach, karaoke.
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